Persevering During the Application Process – Melinda Phommalinh

This week Melinda writes about her experience applying for internships and research opportunities and the importance of not getting discouraged by rejection letters. (more…)

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Future Career Plans – Shannon Livewell

This week Shannon writes about how much she has enjoyed her time in Nashville and her two internships, as well as how she has now figured out exactly what she would like to do for her career. (more…)

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dolphin cove

Self Discovery at Dolphin Cove – Alexandra Bakerman

This week Alexandra writes about her self discovery during her internship, as well as the personal goals that she set for herself and how she has succeeded so far. (more…)

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2016 Day 11: Go BIG or go HOME

Professor’s note: this last blog post was a collaboration among all of the students. Sorry it’s a day late – we’ve been busy getting ready to go. Haiku:   Through rain and sun shine Fish, algae, creatures galore Its been fun San Sal   The morning started off with a lovely sunny day and tons […]

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2016 Day 10: San Sal Stormy Surprise

Professor’s note: All of the students have contributed a post to this blog.  The remaining posts will be on a volunteer basis… our first is by Michelle Stephens and Kelli Mosca. Big ass thunderstorm But it cleaned our equipment And now we study   We awoke again this morning, wishing for a few more minutes […]

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students above the abyss

2016 Day 9: The Abyss and Everything In Between

Professor’s note: today’s blog is by Kelli Mosca. The sun is shining Chips and abyss are pure bliss Smooth ride in truck S   We woke up this morning to a blue, almost cloudless sky with the sun shining bright, something that we all missed dearly after the past two days of rain. Our destination […]

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2016 Day 8: Dolphins dancing ‘round

Professor’s note: Today’s post is by Josh Peters. We apologize for the brief interruption in the blog. Yesterday was a full, late day (see why below). We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.  Thanks, too, to those who have commented – the students really enjoy the comments.  Cheers, the management Delayed by truck […]

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2016 Day 7: data collection!

Professor’s note: today’s post is by Amanda Badai. Yay for sleeping in! First underwater transects Sifting through algae   Our day started with a much appreciated morning off. This consisted of sleeping in until 7:15 which was just in time for breakfast, sleeping after breakfast, or just chilling. We then ate lunch and prepared for […]

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2016 Day 6: From Sunrise to Sunset

Professor’s note: Today’s post is by Sean Smith.  Apologies for the tardy posting – internet issues, among other things, got in the way. Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Will this truck ever start? Oh look, a crinoid So our day began before dawn, at least for us kiddies. We woke up at 5:30 am and […]

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2016 Day 5: Immersion of San Sal, in and out of the Reef

Professor’s note: today’s post is by Nikki Hornlien, complete with haiku. Haiku: Tired and itchy Bohemian Rhapsody Africa No-Go   This morning we woke up to the best kind of weather San Sal could offer: overcast. It was a breezy, cool morning as we headed to breakfast. Pancakes, bacon and cereal were offered today and […]

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San Sal Sunset (Medium)

2016 Day 4: Those Who Hike the Interior Are Superior

Professor’s note: The students have taken over haiku writing as a collaborative project.  The first line is the name of a cave on the island that is extremely challenging to access, even for people of slight stature.  Salicornia is an edible succulent plant found in saline habitats. Today’s blog is courtesy of Christina Metzler.  Midget […]

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fossil reef

Day 3: Adventure is Out There (and So is the Sun…)

Professor’s note: today’s post is brought to you by Michelle Stephens (one day late due to internet connection issues!); the haiku was a group effort. a haiku for day 3: We hate bugs a lot We are not geologists The sun makes us sweat   Today was hot; easy, and simple. The frizz of my […]

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patch grunts (Medium)

Day 2: oh… there’s a lot of stuff out there…

Professor’s note: today is our first student blog, written by Orianna Duh (with the exception of the atrocious haiku… that is the fault of the faculty) Our first night here went well, for the most part. Some noisy neighbors kept us up for some time, and the mosquitoes turned a couple of us into walking […]

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