Study Smarter, Not Harder as YOU Prepare for Midterms!


Hello All, its October now which means the leaves are turning, the weather is getting colder, and Midterms are right around the Corner!!! I know it seems like the year has just started, but midterms will be beginning soon and its important to stay on top of your school work. I would reccommend studying for each one of your midterms at least one week in advance to give yourself time to digest the material, and clear up any questions you may have with your professors. When studying for your midterms it may seem overwhelmiing, but try to focus on the important topics that your professor may have mentioned; these are the topics you know will for sure be on the test. If it helps you, can also get a study group together to compare and contrast notes. To get through long study sessions I try to reward myself, whether it be with food, music, or sleep!Just know its important that you take a break at least every hour to keep yourself sane and focused. Also try to remember that getting through college is a series of trial and errors, and you will eventually develop your own techniques to weather the storm. So get focused and geared up to kick butt on those exams!!!!!





-Ebony Langston, First-Year Success Center Mentor



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