You Can Do It, We Can Help!

Hey guys! Would you believe mid-terms are already approaching? Time has flown, and I hope you’ve all been taking advantage of it to the fullest! By which I mean hitting the books and keeping up with your classes, since that’s what you’re mainly here for. If you haven’t been doing that, feel like you’re falling behind in class and are unprepared for your mid-terms or are even just stressing out in general, remember that there are people on campus here to help you! Talk to your RA, APM, first-year mentor or FE001 staff, take a trip to the CLR or FYSC (you should know what these acronyms mean by now!) or even find someone taking a class that you’re struggling in.

While it’s true that this is college and you’re primarily responsible for your success, it doesn’t mean UNH will throw you to the wolves! There are services on campus designed to help you and you shouldn’t feel ashamed or a burden to anyone if you need some. To sum things up and share a famous marketing slogan: “You can do it, we can help”.




Isaak Kifle is a sophomore psychology major from Lynn, MA. Outside of the mentor program, you can find him writing for his favorite newspaper, The Charger Bulletin, as well as helping teach in the Freshmen Experience Seminar. One interesting fact about him is that he once helped start a business



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