How to make the Most of Snow Days

         As many of you who lost power or are still without power know, we have already been hit this year with an early storm. I can only predict that this will mean plenty of snow days as the winter progresses! These much anticipated breaks are always a source of enjoyment and relief for students, but here I will outline how to make the most out of your snow days!

  1. 1.     Sleep in!

            Sufficient sleep is essential to the basic function and processing of information in your brain. So when you get those 5am school closure text messages, shut off your alarm! Getting more sleep will help you finish your work later in the day. A study done in 2009 found that well-rested people better understood the amount of work they needed to do and were able to correctly manage their time and deadlines. However, sleep-deprived subjects chose to quit many of the tasks prematurely and were much more easily distracted.

  1. 2.     Live in the Library!

            Everyone knows that the warmest place on campus is the upper “Quiet Floor” of the library! Ditch your bed’s comforter and snuggle up in the library. Not only will you be free from listening to your roommate baby-talking to her boyfriend on the phone for hours, but on the quiet floor you won’t be bothered by anyone! Hunker down and focus on all that work that was due last week!

  1. 3.     Head to the Gym

            Get your adrenaline rushing in the gym. The indoor track is a perfect place to keep warm and get that exercise in to get you ready for your day in the snow! Also, I’d recommend using the treadmills that face the windows! There’s no greater motivation to keep running than thinking about putting your galoshes back on and facing the storm.



 Elizabeth Field is a junior at UNH and is double majoring in History and Political Science. Other than being involved in the Freshman Mentor Program, Elizabeth is President of Active Minds and a writer for the Charger Bulletin. She is from Orange County, California (Yes, like the T.V. show) and absolutely hates the snow.



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