Wisdom for Thanksgiving Break!

 Now that it’s November, most of us can’t wait for it to be Thanksgiving Break. We all just want that time to be lazy and not have any school work to worry about. Though, November is the perfect time to start making all of those study cards for finals. Yea, you’re reading this saying, “what? Is she crazy?” Well I’m not. During my freshman year I waited until the last few weeks to start getting my study cards together, and in the end I regretted it. For one class I spent ten hours alone on making the vocab cards. That doesn’t include the other four classes that I had to do the same thing for. So trust me and start working on them now. Plus, you can really relax on your Thanksgiving break instead of having work to do.


Amelia is a Criminal Justice major with a concentration in investigative services from Monroe, New York. She is a sophomore who volunteers in the CAS center as a notetaker, and is currently working on starting a Glee club on campus.





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