But I was just at SOAR….

Woohoo! You did it! It’s officially the end of your first college semester! You have, indeed, made it through the long nights, roommate fights, dining hall food, time management issues, insane tests, crazy times, and everything else you associate with your first semester of college. Are you tired yet? Yes, no, maybe so? Don’t worry, there’s another semester coming at you after these commercial messages! Work on your finals the way you did for your midterms. Eat, sleep, breathe, and do your best. Some of you may be home already, and some of you may be leaving soon. Either way, when you get home, go lay down in your bed. It is the most rewarding thing you could ever think of. Grab a book and a blanket, call some friends, or just relax. You deserve it.



Dana is a junior Political Science major, with an English minor,  at the University of New Haven. She is from Long Island, NY. Dana works at the Beckerman Recreation Center on campus, is involved in SMILE, Alpha Lambda Delta, and is a sister of Chi Kappa Rho. An interesting fact about Dana is that she works at Deer Run Farms, her boyfriend’s family farm, every summer



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