Finals Already?!

Hi Chargers! Can you believe the semester is just about over? You can almost say you’ve survived your first semester of college! Now that the projects and papers are dwindling down, it’s time to start studying for those finals. This is your last chance to bring up your grades and finish the semester strong. Make sure you use ‘Reading Days’ to your advantage as they were made intentionally to give you a chance to study! Here are some tips to help you make the most out of these days:

  • Don’t study for more than an hour at a time. Give yourself no more than a 15 minutes break after every hour to make sure you can keep working at your highest potential.
  • During your 15 minute break, make sure to grab a healthy snack, check your Facebook, dance around in your room- do whatever it is that relaxes you.  
  • Make sure your break isn’t any longer than 15 minutes or you might find it hard to get back to work!
  • Change subjects frequently to help stimulate the brain.
  • Eat healthy and regularly.
  • Get plenty of rest and try to keep a regular sleep schedule. You cannot reschedule a final exam so if you get sick the day of an exam you will still have to take it (unless of course you have a medical emergency).
  • Stay away from negative friends. Stress is contagious!
  • Don’t over study. Studying too much is just as bad as not studying at all.

Good luck with the rest of your semester! Happy Holidays! 

Yesenia Villaneda is a Global Studies and Criminal Justice: Investigative Services double major from Ontario,California. Other than being a First Year Mentor, she is also involved in LEAD and is a conversation partner for the ELS. One interesting fact about her is that she wishes to learn at least ten languages and is currently teaching herself Hindi.



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