What is the CLR?

By now, most students can speak of an experience with the Center for Learning Resources, otherwise known as the CLR. Whether for WPE help, taking a make-up exam, or clearing the e-mails we send out periodically, the presence of the CLR has increased in recent years. For some students, however, the CLR is one of those mysterious locations on campus, muddled with anecdotes and partial truths.

To answer what the CLR is, it’s important to start with what the CLR is not. First, the CLR is not the place for a tutor to complete your homework, or to proofread your paper. Rather, the tutors at the CLR are trained to help students learn the processes and concepts that go into understanding the content of the course. From that, you’ll eventually be able to answer your professor’s questions without assistance. The tutor can’t sit in with you during the final exam, so why would you want the tutor to only answer the homework questions for you?

Also, seeking help at the CLR does not mean you’re unintelligent. In fact, recognizing that you need assistance is an important trait to possess. It shows you’re aware of your shortcomings and are willing to improve them, which is a great habit in both school and your professional life.

What the CLR is, however, is more important than what it isn’t. The CLR is a robust service, providing students with tutors from all different backgrounds: from undergraduate peer tutors who might just be in the class you need help in to tutors with a doctorate and 20+ years of experience working with students. There are also tutors who provide ESL support, as well as workshops to assist with the major tests UNH students must take, such as the E105 and E110 post-tests and the WPE.

Along with our tutoring staff, we also feature a computer lab. The computers in the Computer Lab are equipped with much of the software used at UNH, such as SPSS, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop and Bridge.

The best way to learn about the CLR is to utilize its services. Why not make an appointment today or just drop in? Our central location is on the bottom floor of the Marvin K. Peterson Library, along with many satellite locations, such as the Physics Stockroom (Maxcy Hall 200B) and the Buckman Hall Student Lounge. You can make an appointment here: http://tutortrac.newhaven.edu. The staff at the CLR is always willing to assist students with their educational needs.



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