Above The Clouds – Jess Dewick

Day 4, the class took a ride up a gigantic glacier in a snowcat. On the way up the glacier, the view was out of this world. The view off of one side of the glacier was of the ocean. The crystal-clear blue water could be seen perfectly, even from over 4,000 feet up on the glacier. The weather was so clear while we were on the glacier, that we could see the waves near the shore as well. To the left of the ocean shore were more, smaller snowcapped mountains, which could only be described as stunningly beautiful. In a few of the pictures I snapped of those smaller mountains, hikers about to complete the over 4,000 feet hike are seen making their way up to the top. Along the far end of the glacier was a cliff that everyone was too scared to get too close to, for fear of falling over the edge. All that could be seen from the ledge was white or blue: white snow, white clouds, and blue sky. Did I mention that we were higher than the clouds? Because we were, and it was like being in heaven. Looking out and seeing only snow and clouds makes you feel on top of the world. On the side next to the edge, there was a higher point of the glacier. Some of the class members hiked the extra hundred or so feet to get even higher up on the glacier. I, however, was not one of those class members and remained safely on the flat area of the glacier top. We took a class photo while on the glacier which came out amazing. After a half hour or so on the top of the glacier, we began our long journey back down the side of the glacier. This was truly one of the most miraculous experiences of my life. Though the pictures are beautiful, they are nothing compared to seeing it with your own eyes.




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