Also, The Water Is Delicious. – Charlie O’Donnell

I stood on top of a basalt pillar today, the top tufted with a medium length grass.  Huge walls of crystal clear water crashed into the rocks around me, lending some insight into how this staggering coast line was formed.  In the sky, hundreds of screaming sea birds spiral up into a sky that never darkens; this is Iceland, and it is hard country.

Iceland is a world of contrast and extremes.  From a single vantage point, the viewer can see glaciers, lava fields, snow-capped bluffs, mountains of black stone, and huge expanses of open ocean.  In a single day, our group scaled a glacier in the morning, and, in the afternoon, walked along steep cliffs of basalt and screaming sea birds to a tiny cottage buried in the rock wall which served delicious coffee in fine china.

The people here are a polite, soft-spoken and hardy folk.  They smile and offer nods in greeting as we pass by, and walk up glaciers without shirts on.  We are here to capture this rough and yet delicate world through our cameras, but our lenses do this place no justice.  The lava fields are too vast, the mountains too high, the light too high, and shadows too black for the 18.1 megapixels of our sensors to understand.  To truly appreciate Iceland, you have to come here, hopefully the light in our frames will be convincing enough to bring you here.

Also, the water is delicious.



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  1. This is incredible! Sending well wishes to the group! I hope to hear all about the grand adventure when you return!