Colors – Emily Claire

We arrived in Iceland with the rising sun.  Its yellow light illuminated a field of jagged rocks stretching to the horizon.  Distant mountains bit harsh black lines into blue skies.  The dome of soft atmosphere and rock made me think we would be concentrating on the stark contrasts of Iceland.  But as we drove to Reykjavik, colors began to seep into the landscape.  Sea foam green moss sunning itself on a small boulder.  Sparkling waves shifting shades of blue as the road swooped along the coast.  Roofs of houses tucked into mountainsides became tiny red pixels in my camera.  I fought the tug of sleep to capture the rich earthy tones flashing by at 80 k/hr. I wanted to post this picture to share how beautiful Iceland is.  This is a lava field covered in the thickest, squishiest moss I have ever seen.  In both form and color, there is beauty everywhere in Iceland.




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  1. Christie Boronico Reply May 22, 2012 at 10:34 pm


  2. This is incredible. Beautiful Emily!