Curvy Coast Line – Sam Mathewson

We were in Buoahraun seeing the lava fields and behind the lava fields was a beach. Playing in the lava fields was a lot of fun, but I remember seeing a small sandy hill and wanting to know what was on the other side. On top of my curiosity, I love spending time at the beach; having the sand run between your toes, digging them in deep to feel the warmth it has to give off, and just sitting a looking out into the ocean. I have visited many different beaches, but this beach was totally different, not only because it was too cold to take off my shoes but because the sand was a unique warm yellow-brown with miniscule orange and white specks. The sand was an interesting contrast against the large dark black rocks and the intense clear blue water and sky. I laid down in the grainy sand on my stomach and set up for the perfect shot. It took a couple tries, but I eventually got a good angle set up. The shoreline is unpredictable; it is dependent on the size of the wave that is approaching, so there is a new composition in every frame. While  in position I was too close to the water, and when the tide came in, the left side of my body was grazed by the water. I wanted the picture too bad to be concerned about my clothes; I rolled on my side and threw my arm, which was holding my camera, up in the air. The risk of getting wet was worth it for a good shot; the curve of the shore line framed by the rough jaggedness of the surrounding rocks, and the clarity and movement of the water with the slight reflection of the scenery.



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  1. A beach. Who would guess? Go to Iceland to find another funtime on a beach.