Glacier Goodness – Jasmine Penny

The summit.

It feels like being at the edge on the top of the world, the entire universe at my disposal. I put my hand into the air, and I’ve just felt my way through a cloud. I take a look around me, and there is nothing up here but the vast expanse of this snowy wonderland. Well, there are at least 14 other people on this glacier as well, but in this moment I stand alone. In observing the awestruck tourists and budding photographers snapping away and taking it all in, I can’t help but be a little overwhelmed. This view is endless, and immensity of it makes me feel as small as the black specks that will eventually make their way up here, revealing their human skier form. But until they get here, I will continue to absorb the magic.

I once heard the phrase “In silence, the universe answers”, and when you’re in a place where the only real noise comes from the wind, I am forced to listen. I have never felt so at peace in my entire life. The cold air freezes this moment, and sends shivers that snake their way into the very depths of my soul. The hand of this glacier has awoken my spirit, and I feel reborn. The new me has a world of exploring to do.

This is just the start.



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  1. Awesome!!

  2. Christie Boronico Reply May 22, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Inspiring photo. Nice accompanying thoughts!

  3. Thanks for sharing Jasmine. THe photography and your reflection are inspiring.

  4. Just made my day