Journal #10 Ayana Duncanson

After arriving in Como last night and spending the evening visiting the shore of the lake, today we will finally get to experience this beautiful body of water by traveling to the gem of the lake a town called Bellagio. Bellagio is said to be the pearl of this lake and a lovely tourist attraction. After repeatedly checking the weather the night before I was convinced it was going to be 81 degrees and sunny.
In the morning the weather reflected nothing of that sort. All of us, excited to finally get to some water and frustrated with the downpour from the previous day in Venice were decked out in shorts, tanks, maxi dresses and rompers, only to wake up to clouds, no sign of sun, and some drizzle. Amber and I sought refuge from the rain by putting my mothers shawl over our heads, everyone joked and said we looked like two nuns. Once we got on the boat and got going things started to finally take a turn for the better. The sun started to come out and our group rushed from the inside seating where they sat to avoid the wind and cold weather onto the deck for tons of jokes, laughs and pictures! The day that I was most excited for was finally starting to take form! The scenery was absolutely amazing! The scenery of the homes on the coast, the mountains and even the snow-capped Alps was an unforgettable sight. (We even saw George Clooney’s house). We even got to take pictures with the crew members and I got to meet the captain!
After almost two hours of traveling on the boat we finally arrived at Bellagio, the sun was shining and the weather was great. Bellagio was as amazing as I thought it was and more! The town was full of the cutest shops! Seeing as the lake is very famous for its silk manufacturing it was no surprise that there was a ridiculous amount of silk ties and scarfs for sale all over the place! After a beautiful lunch at a restaurant on the coast and a bunch of shopping we were on our way back to Como to head over to the gym for our game!
Before our game we put on a basketball clinic for a group of young girls. The language barrier was a bit difficult to get through at first but we got the job done. The Chargers put on a great performance in their third game, leaving Italy with a 2-1 record. After the game both teams headed out for a friendly dinner at a local pizzareia. Although we were all really exhausted both teams had a bunch of fun. They taught us some Italian, exchanged Facebooks and talked about everything from music to school. The pizza was great and the dessert was even better! It was a wonderful experience meeting new people and even with the difference in languages and country of residents we all could find things in common and learn a lot about different cultures. After dinner it was back on the bus for everyone and finally headed to bed after a full day of sightseeing shopping and of course basketball!
Ayana Duncanson



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