Journal #11 Nikita Reddy

Getting on the bus at 8:30 in the morning felt like a hassle after getting in at 12:30 am the night before. Everyone fell asleep almost immediately. Fabio’s bus seemed to cast a spell on us every time! Upon reaching Milan, everyone noticed how much it seemed to resemble New York City. Everyone was so excited to go shopping and buy authentic italian products. They soon found that most of the stores were designer stores because Milan is known for its fashion. Most of the girls decided they wanted to go back to Como and look at the boutiques to do last minute shopping.
The best part of Milan was being able to go into the room where Leonardo da Vinci created his famous piece of art; a visual of the Last Supper. It was hard to grasp the thought that we were standing in the actual room where da Vinci created this historical and famous depiction. It took him a few years to complete it because the material he used was tempera, a plaster that dried quickly. Therefore, he needed to plan out his master piece very carefully before putting it together. Because of the material used, the painting is a very delicate piece that has been restored a few times. The detail and facial expressions seen in all the disciples demonstrates how much da Vinci really thought this through. It was the first visual of the last supper that showed emotion and expression. It was unfortunate that we were not allowed to take pictures but it is a scene that I won’t ever forget.
The rest of Milan was fun but everyone was ready to go back to Lake Como and enjoy the beautiful weather we had been hoping for. The rest of the time was spent enjoying our last day in Italy and soaking up the sun. By night everyone began to pack and dread the long flight back home. One last late night trip to the lake and ordering pizza by the water side with my teammate Amber Martinez put a perfect end to my Italy tour of 2012!
Nikita Reddy



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