Journal #12 Elizabeth Cruso

The Trip Home ūüôĀ
This past day was very bittersweet in all of our eyes.¬†Excited to go home because we miss our families, we are sad leaving such a beautiful place and our newly made friends, Tamara (the tour guide)¬†and Fabio/Corrado (our bus driver).¬†¬†We spent last night using all of our strength to stuff our luggage to the brim and pray it doesn’t exceed 50 pounds.¬†¬†We woke up for our last breakfast¬†at Hotel Como and boarded the bus.¬†¬†Last minute pictures were taken with Fabio and Tamara before we were on our way.¬†¬†We said our last CIAO to Italia and made our way to the Milan Airport.
When we reached Milan airport we learned of how the Europeans do their baggage check.¬†¬†¬†It is quite unorganized and there were no lines what so ever.¬†¬†Although, on a positive note it gave us all a great chance to do some last bonding and laughing.¬†¬†The flight from Milan to Dublin was a hectic one for those who didn’t sleep (me).¬†¬†It was a party flight for a large group of old Italian people.¬†¬†They walked around a lot and were very loud.¬†¬†I found it somewhat entertaining.¬†¬†As short as this flight was I was disappointed they didn’t even offer a small bag of pretzels.¬†¬†We all made up for it by visiting Burger King when we got to the Dublin Airport.¬†¬†Since our first flight was late our layover in Dublin was not as long as we thought it was going to be.¬†¬†We boarded the Aer Lingus plane and took off for our 6 hour flight to JFK.¬†¬†It didn’t seem as though many people slept as much on this flight either.¬†¬†We seemed to all utilize our ability to watch movies, read or play games.¬†¬†There were a few accidents during this trip, such as Coach Smith spilling tea all over her pants and Paul spilling soda all over Kema’s Bible.¬†¬†It seemed to go by fairly quick and we were finally at JFK.
Arriving at JFK we went to baggage claim and said our goodbyes to those who were going home from New York.  Overall this was a great trip and a successful travel home.  Now we will all depart for summer and look forward to a fresh new year in the fall.Elizabeth Cruso



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