Journal #5 Coach Moore

Ciao. We departed the hotel in Rome this morning and are heading to Pisa. The trip was a few hours which was great because we all needed a nap. Tamara told us we will be taking a ‘comfort stop’ half way so we can use the bathroom.
We arrived in Pisa and had to take a shuttle to the town square. Before we got on the shuttle we went to the water closet and for the first time we had to PAY to use it €.50. For me it was worth it, for some of our players it was not okay!!! After we got off the shuttle there were lots and lots of vendors lined up on the streets leading to the Field of Miracles. The field was gorgeous and we saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa!! We all took pictures using the illusion that we were holding the tower up and the pictures came out great! After that we were on our own for lunch.
Coach Smith, Paul, my friend Melissa and I all headed away from the square to find a place to eat that wasn’t for tourists. We had a delicious meal of cheeses, pates, risotto, swordfish, pasta with tomatoes and basil, and a fish pasta dish.
We then headed to check into our new hotel in Monticatini. This hotel is more upscale from the one in Rome. The bathroom was beautiful. The area around the hotel is amazing. There are so many littles stores, shops, restaurants, and of course gelato!!!
To end the night we took a cog rail to the top of a mountain to a little village that looked over Pisa. The view was breath taking!!! I’m excited for what tomorrow brings!
Ciao ciao ciao!!!
Coach Lauren Moore



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