Journal #6 Bria Moore

Day four in Italy we visited the Duomo which is located in Florence. Florence is a beautiful city with a lot of shops where you can find a plethora of nice clothing and shoes for cheap. My teammates definitely were around for that one! The tour guide showed us the tower that was beside the duomo. These buildings were made of pink, purple, and¬†¬†green marbles. Also at almost every corner of these buildings where statues. One resembled the statue of David, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go into the duomo and see the real statue of David.
After we toured around Florence and had some free time to ourselves, we then had lunch with the vice president of the University of New Haven in Italy. His name is Kevin Murphy and is married with two beautiful kids. The lunch was great, we all enjoyed it especially me. It was another awesome four course meal that filled us all up. After we shared a few laughs, he escorted us to the location of the new campus. It’s coming along pretty well. The school should be open in August holding about forty people. He showed us where the classrooms and offices would be. I must say its going to be quite an experience for the students coming from America to study here abroad.
As it started to rain, most of us got worried because earlier that day we remembered the tour guide mentioning that they are awaiting a flood and it can come at any time. We quickly gathered and followed Rykema who led the way, back to the bus. Game #2 was next for the agenda. We finished winning 82-52. I was really proud of my team because we were finally starting to play basketball again. We played as a team and those rough weeks of defense were finally beginning to pay off. We got called for stupid travels since their whole system is different from ours. The rule is you have to dribble the ball before you pick up your feet. We didn’t really get the hang of that. Hopefully next game, the travels will be called less. We can’t wait to visit Siena and San Gimignano tomorrow!
Bria Moore



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