Journal #8 Ashley LeBlanc

Today our group ventured to the beautiful island of Venice, Italy. Sadly the weather was nothing short of awful! We hoped that the sun might make it out for our very anticipated trip to this famous island. We departed from our hotel in Montecatini this morning and headed towards Venice.   Unfortunately, on the bus ride we stopped dead in traffic due to an accident on the highway.  The accident prolonged the trip but it barely affected anyone because everyone slept the whole time.  Half way through the ride we stopped at a pit stop to use the toilets and get cappacinnos and snacks.  I got italian white chocolate and a Toberlone bar, which is Swiss chocolate.

When we arrived in Venice we had to travel over a 3 kilometer bridge that connected the main land to the island.  When Fabio stopped the bus we boarded the ferry boat that would bring us to Venice.  After a bumpy ride to Venice we finally arrived.  We were given free time to find lunch and shop.  Venice is known to be very expensive in not only its meals but also when purchasing souviners.  It is also known for its creation of beautiful and very famous glass. Kita, Audrey and I experienced the delicious tiramisu Venice has to offer while venturing through the streets during our free time.

After our free time we began our guided tour with Alessandra.  Unfortunately the tour was cut short because of the crummy weather.  We were able to tour the St. Marks Square which is very famous for the thousands of pigeons that usually cover the pavement.  The famous pigeons of the square were trying to stay dry and hiding in the roofs of the buildings, but we managed to see a few. Alessandra also showed us the famous belltower and the 24 hour clock.  Above the 24 hour clock is a golden lion reading a book.  This represents the symbol of protection over Venice.  Due to the rain we were unable to experience a gondola ride.  Surprisingly in some of the homes, if the residents were to step out their front door they might fall into the water.  The streets in Venice are canals with water and the cars are boats.  This was an amazing experience because it was like nothing I had ever seen before.

They say this is the sinking city which is why I am more than grateful I was able to experience this with my own eyes.  In the future I hope to return to Venice when the weather is better to have experiences I was unable to have today because of the rain.

Ashley LeBlanc



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