Journal #9 Rykema Stone

Day seven of the tour we went to Saint Anthony’s church in Padua. It took 20 minutes to get there from our hotel. Saint Anthony’s church is beautifully filled with old sculptures and clothing that Anthony once wore. A priest in the church toured us around and the team was blessed in the church by another priest. Their were people confessing their sins in the confession booths as well. We couldn’t record videos or take pictures in the church because it is copy written and flashes can damage the art.
After that we went to Verona where their was an arena, Lamberti Tower, medieval walls and a statue of Giulietta at her house (the famous tower from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet). The statue of Giulietta was a symbol of  “new love.” It’s a vary famous statue and many people took pictures around the statue. Some even paid to enter her home.
Tamara, our tour guide, gave us free time for two hours in Verona to shop and eat. Most of us had pizza. Later we went to our hotel that was two and a half hours away from Verona in Lake Como. At the dinner, we met Margarita, the lady who put together our entire trip. As always, we had an entree with pork, but since I don’t eat pork I had veal instead. The hardest part about adjusting during this trip is not being able to eat pork. Everything on the menu seems to contain pork which is frustrating. Next, we’re off enjoy Lake Como and our third game of the trip.
Rykema Stone



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