Raging Waters – Joe Adams

Yesterday was my favorite day of the trip so far, we were able to see not one but two waterfalls.  They were both very different but still extremely beautiful in their own sense of the word. When we got to the first waterfall we had a short meeting than split up into ,small groups.  We hit the ground running to try and make it to the fall before a crowd gathered.  Climbing over the moss covered hill and seeing the water crash down stopped me in my tracks.  Combined with the beauty of the landscape, the sound of the water pouring over the fault line, and the mist that the wind was blowing onto my face, I was just in awe of everything around me.  After a few moments, my photographic mind kicked in and I made my way down the water.

When I heard that we were going to a second waterfall that day I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I was getting a double dose of (in my opinion) one of nature’s most beautiful aspects.  I imagined that the second fall would be something very similar to the first, just a peaceful spot to take in the scenery and relax. Boy was I wrong. Before I even saw the waterfall, I could hear the immense roar of the crashing water, that’s when I knew I was in for a surprise.




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  1. Christie Boronico Reply May 22, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    These are wonderful photos, I can almost hear the roar of the water!

  2. My fiance and I are going to Iceland next month for our honeymoon. I was wondering if you could tell me the names of the waterfalls you visited, they are gorgeous and I would love to see them!

    • I can’t recall (or spell for that matter) the names of the waterfalls that we have visited. But I do know that they were stops along Iceland’s popular touring route called “The Golden Circle” It was a great time and I’m sure you will love it. Congratulations too!

  3. Thank you for that information! We are renting a car for the trip so we will definitely look into taking The Golden Circle route.