The places we have seen… – Kimberly Harman

When visiting multiple places each day, its hard to keep track of everything we have done. Here’s a quick photo recap of just a few of the things we have done:

Day 2: My first Icelandic sunset after a delicious banquet dinner. The sun has been setting at around 11 P.M. and rising at about 4 A.M.

Day 3: A view of the lava field at Klettsgata. A thick carpet, in both look and feeling, of moss grows on the lava. It's so squishy and fun to walk on.

Day 5: A view of the Atlantic Ocean from a sea cliff at Nautastigur black sand beach.

Day 7: We went on a boat tour of a few small islands off the coast of Iceland. Shag birds typically are too shy to stick around for photos but we were told this one is used to the boat coming by.



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  1. Kim the images leave me asking for more. The simple beauty is astounding. To capture it is amazing. Thank you.

    Thinking of watching a slide presentation with music on a large sceen. I hope that is in the future…. Nothing’s Impossible.