It’s raining…political chaos?


Conventions are hardly an easy business. Especially for lowly interns like me who are running around like chickens without heads.

First things first, it is bad enough that the Republican Party seems to suffer from Stockholm syndrome when it comes to hurricanes. They seem to love them, going so far to make it their mission to hold two consecutive conventions in the midst of hurricane season. What is with this constant need to hold the party’s conventions in locations that invite terrible weather?  I thought the party big wigs would have learned their lesson with St. Paul in 2008. But I guess not.

For many of the interns, volunteers and even media figures, what was supposed to be an exciting foray into political heaven is turning into political…well, purgatory.

There is enough speculation going around to keep life interesting. (Is Romney coming early? Which journalists are arriving when?) But it still does not help one’s spirits enough to ignore the chaos of Hurricane Isaac. Between conflicting weather reports, a stacked schedule and lack of sleep, I sincerely hope for my sake, the country’s sake and the Republican donors in the fancy VIP boxes’ sake, that the convention will start without a hitch. But like all things in politics, the tide determines the direction of the conversation.


But then again, Hurricane Paul is a lot more of a handful.



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