New Year Resolution for the Education Department Students

Everybody Is Your TeacherAs we celebrate the beginning of the New Year, I wanted to take a brief few moments  to wish each and every one of my fellow peers and faculty good health, happiness, and promise for future success and opportunity. And, as we celebrate, I’d also like to welcome the incoming graduate students and interns new to the University of New Haven Education program. As a second trimester intern studying Secondary Education, I have met several wonderful individuals, all of which are willing and dedicated to go above and beyond to help their peers as they learn and progress as prospective teachers. In the past few months, I have come to find that my own cohort is more like a family than a group of individuals working toward similar and common goals. I can say, with great conviction, that this community is truly critical to my own learning and experiences as an intern and educator. Within the classes that I have taken thus far, I have felt a freedom to discuss and share my greatest strengths and weaknesses with my peers. I have found that while my peers embrace these strengths, they also have helped me to build upon and strengthen my weaknesses. We have shared countless stories concerning classroom management “horror” issues, and with these stories, a plethora of insecurities and, eventually, encouragement. We have discussed, in depth, the strategies that we can use to help improve the ways in which we can support the diversity of students within the classes we currently teach. We have listened carefully as our peers shared the “teaching moment” that we all strive for. As we slowly transform into educators, we remember that we will always be learners, and that, in fact, learning is what will give us the power to change even just one life in this ever-evolving society. Listen to your peers. Collaborate with them. Be actively involved in any and all dialogue you can. Your peers and faculty members are going to offer you some of the greatest lessons you will learn, just as mine have.  Your cohort and the relationships that you develop within this program will allow you to gain a multitude of perspectives, with ideas and thoughts that are both similar and different from your own. I think that as future students, we must recognize that once we become teachers, our students will always offer a different perspective, so, let’s adapt to this and practice with our “own.” The endless guidance and support that you, too, will receive from your peers, faculty, family, and friends will lead to discovery and great confidence. As a New Year resolution, let’s challenge ourselves to listen to at least one story from a peer or faculty member and share one of our own. With dialogue comes progress and change.

I created this blog so that we, as interns and capstone students, would have an open forum to discuss any teaching strategies, ideas, activities, and stories that might be relevant and helpful as we continue through the program. Perhaps you came upon a helpful link to an educational website that you’d like to share, or maybe, you’d like to discuss a teaching strategy that you used in one of the classrooms you worked in. Whatever it may be, I would like this to be a healthy place where we can share, discuss, and learn.

Please feel free to comment or send me an email at I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Happy New Year!

Carissa Kerpen



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