Paying for Graduate School…. Graduate Assistantships!

As we all know, one of the biggest struggles in higher education is paying for it. Just how are we going to make all of our ends meet?! Since UNH cares greatly about their graduate students, there are a plethora of “Graduate Assistantships” available for graduate students to apply to. Graduate Assistantships cover partial tuition as well as hourly pay for up to twenty hours of work per week. The options for where GA’s are available vary depending on when current assistants are graduating and relocating. It is best to check the graduate website to find more information on these opportunities.

So what does this really mean for me as a current graduate student? It means that between an intense course load (warning if you’re looking at going into MAIOP) and part-time work as a GA, I am very busy. It takes a lot of time management skill, especially if you land a GA where homework on the job is frowned upon. Some GA positions care and others don’t. I advise you don’t ask that question however, as it does not look professional on your part. The best thing you can do when looking for a GA is network!!! Luckily this was easy for me as my program is a heavy pusher of networking, but it still requires a lot of diligence and initiative on your part. It is totally plausible that you may not find a GA your first trimester here, and that’s okay. Don’t give up. Just keep looking and networking. Connect with people in your program who already have GA’s (especially the 2nd years) and see when they are leaving or if they have any suggestions of other options they might have heard around campus. GA’s have extremely positive benefits and I advise you take whatever you are offered and use it as a learning experience. Even if you end up not particularly loving your job, it is a learning experience for you and you can always keep looking for other opportunities. Networking will also help you determine what you might like and might not like beforehand. Either way, not only will you possibly learn new skills or ways of approaching tasks, you will also be exposed to a more professional environment than undergrad. This is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself, the strengths and weaknesses you have, as well as your preferences in the work place.



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