For us, the students in the UNH taxation program, the trimester is winding down.

I have already suffered through my midterm examination in Taxation of Business Entities (also known as Corporations I), and I now face my final exam in early March. Mixed in with general studying to prepare myself in my future career and specific studying for the midterm exam so I can ACE it were days and nights chocked full with fighting the snow ― the Blizzard of 2013 (aka Winter Storm Nemo). Nemo dropped some 36 inches of the white stuff on the campus, shutting down the university and cancelling classes. It was truly magnificent, turning the campus grounds into a winter wonderland. To give you an idea of the amount of snow, some two weeks later, we are still digging ourselves out. I can actually hear the sound of the snow plows as I write this blog entry and the loaded dump trucks continue to caravan their way through the campus, city, and state like motorized snakes.

Throughout the emergency, the University staff did an excellent job of keeping us all informed. I received numerous emails from campus police as well as grounds and dining services. ChargerRec (our physical fitness center) and Peterson (our main campus library) sent out emails too and managed to reopen shortly after the snowfall stopped. Professor Wnek ensured that his classes continued – evidently three feet of snow is not gonna stop him from teaching ― by emailing class assignments, resources, and course materials. (Okay, so I wasn’t so happy about that!) The library was open too, although on a limited basis. Provided that you could get there, I understand that it was a great place to be as the snow and the wind blankets any noise. It is always a retreat for study and contemplation.

Slowly, the University returned to normal. Many postponed or cancelled events were held, including the Chinese New Year Festival sponsored by the CSSA (Chinese Student and Scholars Association) at our Dodd’s Theatre. Music, dancing, food, and lottery. And, of course, Dr. Henry Lee presided at the event. It was educational. It was cultural. It was fun! I didn’t win the grand prize of an expensive sound system, but I enjoyed the romance when one of the performers declared his love for his sweetheart. (This was Valentine’s Day since the festival had to be postponed.) It was really touching when he did a little hop from the stage, flowers in hand, and kissed her before the audience. That was a WOW MOMENT.

Next, for me, is Corporations II and my research project. Corporations II starts in mid-April and the research project shortly thereafter. I decided to focus my project on the area of international taxation of corporate entities. Professor Puglia has kindly agreed to provide guidance. But, before that, skiing in Vermont. Yes, the Graduate Student Council is again sponsoring a weekend ski trip to Mount Snow for early March. More of the white stuff.

And, yeah, I AM a glutton for punishment.

Until my next blog, take care. Don’t forget the Open House in March. For more details, go here:




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