Evaluation timing

Have you ever been asked at the end of a course to complete a course evaluation?  The evaluation is generally handed out on the last day of class either at the beginning or at the end of it.  Did you take sufficient time to think through the questions of the assessment?

I have, but I have noticed that many of my classmates finish answering the questions so quickly – especially if the evaluation been handed out at the end of the class that it makes me wonder if they even read the questions. However, I can’t deny that I have done that before. Sometimes I did it because it was late and I was tried, I just wanted to leave. But sometimes, I did it because I saw most of the students left and there were only few people still working. Since there was someone was waiting for us to finished, I said to myself may be I should be considerate and finish up and allowed for this person to leave earlier. Also, I usually feel there is a pressure on me if there is someone is waiting for me.

This method of evaluation is not a good one in my point of view. The right method is the method that has been used by some of my instructors. The method is an on-line assessment that been sent to the students emails. This method is practical for me because I can do it with more flexibility time-wise.

However, some instructors will say that online evaluations does not guarantee that all students will complete it. That is true, but I think this method can guarantee larger number of thoughtful input.



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