Moving Right Along

As you read this we’ve begun our next trimester. Honestly, I can’t believe how fast it’s going! It seems just like yesterday that I was moving to CT, registering for classes, and now…WHOA I’m starting my third trimester, and classes are well under way. I’ve thought long and hard about what I think of this trimester system…and truthfully I have mixed emotions. On one hand I like that the program is slightly accelerated in that I’ll be completing a master’s degree in 5 trimesters, which really equates to a year and a half; but on the other hand, the mere 13 weeks really leaves you wanting more! It really just depends on the course, but because some of the elective courses are so popular, they fill rather quickly, so being a planner like myself, you gotta have a back-up plan just in the case you may not get into the course you want to when you want to. So even though it looks as if life is left to chance…in the end it all works out.

On a more personal note, I thought I’d get outside the box in my intern search. Well, I found what I thought to be an AMAZING opportunity as a College Intern at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. What an experience right?! That’s what I thought, until I got my rejection email. I mean, c’mon! I even had a recommendation letter from a professor who was former Marine and FLETC instructor. I could get all bitter about it, but then I have to realize that there’s always going to be someone better than you…and in my case 7 people better than me because that’s the amount of interns they take each session. So, as a firm believer that when God closes one door He’s got another one open for ya, I was offered an opportunity to intern with the CT State Police with the folks in Major Crimes—woohoo!

I share all this with you as a bit of encouragement. Yeah, things in grad school can get a bit crazy, but it doesn’t help to get all anxious about it…stay calm and seek help. And that’s my two cents!



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