Teamwork and leadership skills in today professional life

During my undergraduate studying, nobody told me about the importance of teamwork or leadership skills in today’s workplace. Therefore, seeking out extra colcamium activities that based on teamwork was not one of priorities, not to mention I was busy with my studying.
After moving to the USA and starting my Masters at University of New Haven (UNH), I learned that being a team member is the most common method that required in today’s work environment. In fact, teamwork and leadership related experiences are the basic questions that are asked in most job interviews. Therefore, I started to seek out places where I can develop my skills. I started looking around the school’s campus to find if there are clubs or organizations where I can work with others as a team. I found some clubs that are interesting to me. But I was not able to be an active member because of schedule interference between clubs’ meeting and my schedule.
However, I did not give up and I was able to be chosen by the school as volunteer for a new program sponsored by the International Services Office. I was an international student ambassador. As an ambassador, which was a leadership role that I particularly enjoyed, I acted as a representative for the school by assisting international students as an active personal resource. My self-confidence about my abilities to do my duties for this position was a motivation. Beside I liked to work with other international students.
Other activities that helped me to develop my teamwork skills were class teamwork assignments. Many students hate group projects but I knew those teamwork projects would develop my skills before I enter the workforce.. Working with teams during my studying at UNH showed me how working with team can be different from time to time and it’s mainly depended on the members. At UNH for every trimester I had at least one group project, while during my undergraduate school teamwork was not a basic method of education.
Finally, before I graduated, I enrolled in  a class named “ Leadership and Team Building” because I wanted to learn more about leadership and team building.  This class was very interesting and an eye opener.
However, this journey has not finished yet. Developing my skills in those two dimensions will flourish after graduation when I enter the workforce. School team projects are different. School projects have short life. School projects’ quality mainly affects the group, while workplace team’s projects affect the organization and beyond to the community.



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