Being Included as an Intern – Shannon Livewell

This week Shannon writes about adapting to life in Nashville and how her work at Sony ATV is already reinforcing her desire for a future career in music publishing.

My first week at Sony ATV Music Publishing was very exciting. The moment I started on my first day, my supervisors got me set up with my own desk and computer, along with a company email account. I feel like something as small as a company making an intern a staff email can really define a student’s time while interning. Inclusion is very important when it comes to an internship because that is how you really learn about the environment you are working in. When I first decided to work for Sony I was scared that, because it was such a large-scale company, I would not get the hands-on experience I was hoping for, but it has been just the opposite. I have felt like a part of the staff and the people in my department are some of the nicest, most encouraging individuals I have ever worked with.

H_my documentsphotos130529_5th Avenue of the Arts.jpgMy second day at Sony is really when I became oriented with the company. Due to the fact that I have only been living in Nashville for a little over two weeks, the commute to work on the second day was a little less intimidating and I felt as though I knew a little bit more about the city itself. When I arrived at work on my second day, my two supervisors sat me down for a small meeting to discuss the things I would like to get out of my internship and the things I expect to learn from them. I work in the creative department, so they gave me a tour of the other divisions and offices. When I returned to my desk a pile of paperwork awaited me and I was kept busy until lunch charting excel sheets, listening to new music, and creating artist email lists.

The culture of Sony ATV is very professional in a laid back sense. There is a strong work ethic to meet all deadlines, but the people who work there do that in such a friendly, fun way, that it rarely feels like work. Most of the time the office is quiet however, when someone is pitching a song to a label or A&R representative, you can hear the music throughout the entire floor.

This type of work environment fits my personality very well. I am a friendly, laid back girl who loves listening to music, especially if it is new music and I am listening to analyze it and not just for recreational purposes. On the other hand, I take work and deadlines very seriously and I like to make sure that I have everything done on time, if not early. Working in this sort of professional, yet expressive environment fits me very well.

That being said, I believe this is the type of place I would love to work in the future. I feel that I fit right into this sort of company, yet it still challenges me and forces me to set new goals for myself. While I know a good amount about music publishing and songwriter development, working at Sony makes me want to learn more about producers, artists, labels, pitching songs, and so much else. I have fallen in love with the music industry since my first internship when I was a sophomore in high school. From that point on, I was always trying to figure out what aspect of the industry I could see myself working in for the rest of my life, and I think I finally recognized that music publishing is a great fit.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday morning to read more about Shannon’s internship experience!



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