Pacing Myself – Alexandra Bakerman

This week Alexandra writes about learning to pace herself and being patient while learning the many different aspects of her position at Dolphin Cove.

I have found my internship to be rewarding in all aspects. One personal challenge I have found is remembering that I must pace myself throughout the program. My internship is designed with three phases. I am currently in phase two, and learning more each day. I am highly interested in the more detailed and advanced aspects of training the dolphins, so I find myself yearning for phase three at times. However, I remind myself that I must learn the basics of both the facility and marine mammal training in general, and work my way up to more advanced stages.

dolphin cove I spend a lot of time learning how to clean and prepare materials for the dolphins, as well as interacting with guests. I am eager to excel at any task thrown my way, and truly love what I do on a daily basis. By immersing myself in all of the aspects of my internship, and striving for success in all of the more “basic” tasks, I have been able to overcome this personal challenge. If I could spend my entire days interacting with the animals, I would. I find myself watching the trainers and thinking, ‘I want to do that.” However, when I am rewarded or thanked by the trainers, I am humbled and reminded that every task I complete is a benefit to the animals and the facility as a whole.

My sense of self-motivation and self-discipline has certainly improved as a result of this internship. I know that, in time, my hard work will pay off. I will be a marine mammal trainer some day, maybe even at Dolphin Cove. When I finally land my dream job, I will be able to look back on my time as an intern and know that I learned and grew, both professionally and personally, every step of the way.

Be sure to check back next Monday afternoon to read more about Alexandra’s internship experience!



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