SAE Supermileage: Countdown to Michigan

Hello again folks. It’s official: the journey is underway. I am writing to you from the beautiful Upper Delaware River Watershed in Pennsylvania. Approximately 1200 feet above sea level, we are moving steadily through green hills which occasionally open up to reveal stunning views of verdant valleys and distant low mountains shrouded in a light haze.

But enough with the poetry. This is an engineer’s trip. Here are some high (and low) lights of recent events.

There was an attempted theft of the Super Mileage vehicle by a large blue horse yesterday. Fortunately the alert actions of the UNH Campus Police foiled the crime. Kudos for a job well done.

All parties arrived bright and early today.  Planning and routes were as well as strategies (dare I say systems? This is, after all, an engineer’s trip.)  were discussed in excruciating detail. We promptly set off at 7am an almost as promptly became separated. We’re engineers, not tour planners. The meticulous planning prevailed, however, and we left Connecticut at approximately 9 this morning, crossing the Hudson River as a convoy not long afterwards.

Our largest challenge thus far is reliable WiFi, hence the lateness of the post. I anticipate a mitigation of that situation as we move into the flatter areas of western PA.

Don’t forget to tune in to the TCoE Facebook page for more photos and videos.

The Team in PA





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