A Bond Between Attorneys and Interns – Daniel Carrillo

This week Daniel writes about the strong bond between interns and attorneys at the US State Attorney’s Office and mentions some of the generational differences he has noticed.

In the US State Attorney’s Office there is a great connection between the interns and the attorneys. Sometimes we are introduced to a new attorney by our supervisor, which gives us the privilege to work with them in the near future.  I remember a day where I was assigned to work in preparing boxes to be shipped out to the record center. They were cases that have been closed and were scattered around the floor. I can say that it wasn’t the most pleasant job that I have done there, but the environment of the work was definitely worth keeping my head up. Every attorney who had saw me in the hallway and passed by me engaged in some sort of conversation. I was treated with respect, as if I was one of them.

US-DeptOfJustice-Seal.svgMy fellow co-workers are some of the most outgoing people I have ever met. They always tell me about the actions they took that led them this far. There are only a few years of age difference, but they have gone through so much and it is always interesting to hear their story and how they got here. I do not notice a big difference when it comes to age difference, but that only applies to my co-workers. My supervisor and other attorneys are older and there are definitely generational differences. At the offices they sometimes host brown bag events where people can bring their food and listen to a presentation. Some of the presentations often demonstrate how new technology is used, such as PowerPoint, which I feel that I have mastered already prior to the presentations. Besides their generation differences, I feel that it isn’t much of a problem as it gives a chance for more conversational opportunities and new friendships.

Be sure to check back next Tuesday morning to read more about Daniel’s internship experience!



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