Building Relationships Through Hands-on Experience – Garrit Anderson

This week Garrit writes about the relationships he has formed with officers on the Naugatuck Police Department and how, for the most part, he has had a very hands on experience.

The relationship I have with my co-workers is respectable.  I enjoy talking with the police officers and learning from each of them every day. It is easy for the police officers to get to know me, since I am the only intern this summer.

Police-badge2Every day that I have interned, I have done ride-a-longs with police officers who are younger than 25. It is interesting to see that they are normal people the way they act, but when they are on call everything becomes serious. I like this a lot because I can feel so open and free, but then serious when on a call. I have not noticed any generational differences, because every local police officer has the same goals for community policing. They all have similar attitudes, which is what makes their operations run so smoothly.

I feel like I am treated well by the younger police officers because they want me to see everything, but others, like the lieutenants have seen many previous interns who have made wrong moves. Therefore, they try to limit how much I can do, which turns into a tug of war so to speak. I do not like to feel limited especially if it is only because a previous intern made a mistake.

Be sure to check back next Monday morning to read more about Garrit’s internship experience!



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