Eager to Work – Maegan Moran

This week Maegan writes about skills she has developed while interning as well as her surprise at how eager she is to go into work every day.

Honestly I have learned that I can be more objective than I ever thought I could be. In the past it has been hard for me to stay focused and remain objective in any given situation, but thus far I haven’t found that to be an issue. I think moving forward it will be easier for me to be objective because in a situation when you are working with offenders and victims it is hard to stay objective and if I can do so in that situation it would seem I would be able to do the same in other situations.

logoPersonality wise I would say I am very friendly, warm, and approachable, which for most of my life has been a positive thing. I have found, however, that in this line of work sometimes these qualities aren’t quite helpful. I find that some of the offenders I interact with see me as more of a friend, or a friendly girl who they can just talk to and less of an authoritative figure. Granted I am an intern so ultimately the final call as to whether or not someone has violated their probation or conditions of release is up to my supervisor. But I do speak with my supervisor very regularly about the offenders I interact with. Therefore if the offender gives me information that they are doing something they shouldn’t be, their probation officer will find out about it. In some ways this type of personality can be helpful because someone who is strict and stern could have issues with offenders rebelling or wanting to follow their conditions. It is really a balance, and it is at least helpful to see how personalities can affect supervision of different types of people.

One thing that I have been surprised about is that I am so motivated to go into work every day and learn something new. As I have mentioned before in other posts I had no idea what to expect from my internship and I have been completely satisfied the whole time. I was basically thrown into the mix of things, I help to write certain documents for parole board purposes, I meet with offenders, and I spend a lot of time in the field. I am honestly sad that in a few weeks my internship will be over because I am having an amazing time and learning a lot from all of the talented people I work with. I never would have guessed I would be so motivated to get up early in the morning and go to work day after day, but I truly am thrilled I have been able to have this great opportunity.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday afternoon to read more about Maegan’s internship experience!



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