Future Career Plans – Shannon Livewell

This week Shannon writes about how much she has enjoyed her time in Nashville and her two internships, as well as how she has now figured out exactly what she would like to do for her career.

My total experience at my internships this summer has been one I will never forget. I have had the time of my life in Nashville and I could definitely see myself moving to Tennessee to work after I graduate in May. I have learned however, that I am the type of girl who has a hard time living in a city where diners do not exi5st. I also learned that I am the type of person who needs at least one beach day every few months and you are landlocked in Tennessee, which could be a major deal breaker for me at some point.

sony atv logoBeyond the physical aspects of Tennessee, I learned so much about the career path that I believe fits me best. While I was able to really experience the world of music publishing, I was also able to work in radio promotions, which I already knew I loved. One day I was talking to a good friend at the radio station who has been in promotions for a fairly long time and I was telling them that there were aspects of both companies that interested me. I loved the unpredictability of radio, but I loved the structure of publishing. I loved the easy laid-back environment of radio, but I loved the corporate feel of publishing. I was so completely torn for a few weeks, thinking that it should have been a lot easier for me to choose the one that fit me best. After I told my friend and co-worker about my mixed emotions they suggested a career path as an artist developer in music publishing. I knew that something like this had probably existed, but I guess I just never saw myself working as one. I soon began to realize that this job combined all aspects of what I wanted. I would have a nine to five job, in a corporate environment, but most of my days would be out on the field doing promotions, having meetings, and marketing my clients.

When I found out in mid July that this was a career path that truly interested me I began meeting and corresponding through email, with people who work as artist developers in publishing companies. I started to see that they basically did A&R (which is artist development for record companies), but that their jobs were never at a deficit because there are always songwriters.

Now that I have my heart set on something that I know combines all of the aspects of a career that I love, I am excited to return to UNH and my industry classes to apply what I now know hands-on about the industry to my school work. I can now listen to a lecture about publishing or songwriting and understand every aspect of what the instructor in discussing. It makes me very happy to see that my knowledge for the industry has grown so much from just a few short months in Tennessee.

I do not believe I will be seeking another internship in the future. I have been interning from the time I was a sophomore in high school and I am now going to be a senior in college. Now that I have interned in almost every aspect of the industry, I believe I have enough knowledge to land a job in my field of choice. I know that the music industry is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, career path to land a job in, but I feel overly prepared and am eager to start looking. My days of interning are hopefully finished when I leave Nashville in a few short weeks and I cannot think of a better place to end them.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday morning to read more about Shannon’s internship experience!



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