Self Discovery at Dolphin Cove – Alexandra Bakerman

This week Alexandra writes about her self discovery during her internship, as well as the personal goals that she set for herself and how she has succeeded so far.

Over the course of this internship, I have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. Most importantly, I learned that I am definitely in the correct field. It is impossible to have a bad day when working with dolphins. I feel as if I am living my dream each day I go to Dolphin Cove, which makes me confident for my future. I am excited to complete my final year of school, so that I can finally start my career. My motivation to succeed during my internship comes from my hopes for the future. I am already more than halfway done my internship, but I am infinitely more knowledgeable about marine mammal training. Even though I considered myself an expert in the past, there is no comparison to what I know now.

dolphin coveI learned the importance of a positive attitude as well. I have made a personal goal to smile every day at my internship, and be excitable and happy. I think this contributes to the overall atmosphere of Dolphin Cove, because I can bring a small amount of happiness to my coworkers as well as the guests. This job requires a lot of interaction with the public. Hopefully I can help to brighten the guests’ days, as well as teach them something about dolphins that they did not know before.

Although there can be conflict between coworkers at times, I make it my mission to not be involved in a negative way. I do not want anything to take away from my experience as an intern. I am here to learn about my desired profession and set myself up for a successful future. When tension occurs, I can remove myself from the situation or try to help if possible. My positive attitude comes into play here, because I think this is a reason I have not personally dealt with any conflict during my internship.

Another personal goal of mine is to never be told anything twice. When I am taught a new task or procedure, I focus on remembering correctly the first time. I hope to never need to be reminded to complete a task, to show that I am attentive and determined to succeed. Early in my internship, I found myself comfortable with the daily schedule, and knowing what needs to be completed each day. I can initiate tasks if there is downtime as well. When I think about my first day, compared to today, I am very proud of the progress I have made.

Be sure to check back next Monday afternoon to read more about Alexandra’s internship experience!



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