Staying Motivated and Creating Work – Daniel Carrillo

This week Daniel writes about how he has proactively connected with as many attorneys as possible to increase the work opportunities he has and to make the most out of his internship.

What I learned about myself is that being persistent pays off. Others may find that to be a bad trait, but in life I feel that it helps to push ourselves to our goals. Because of my inexperience, I was not able to do the same tasks as the other interns, but I always kept an eye out for different kinds of work. Recently after engaging in conversation with some attorneys I just met, I was able to form a connection with them, which resulted in more work for me to do. I was notified by one of my fellow coworkers (another intern), that an attorney specifically asked for my help on a case. Now I am working on listening to prison calls and wire taps in order to find new types of evidence that can potentially be used in a trial.

US-DeptOfJustice-Seal.svgEvery day I work, I see how it is a valuable thing to have communications skills. I feel that this is still an area that I could improve in. As my internship progresses, all I can say is that my motivation is keeping me very active in my work environment. I feel because of this my personality has slightly changed and this has had a positive impact in my life. I have been in this internship program for about 8 weeks now and it has been nice hearing and seeing new things throughout this experience.

Be sure to check back next Tuesday morning to read more about Daniel’s internship experience!



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