The Importance of Asking Questions – Reika Haskell

This week Reika writes about some of what she has learned about herself during her internship and how asking lots of questions has improved the experience!

During this internship I have learned that I have grasped the concepts that are important in the forensic science field and laboratories. After the struggle that I endured this past year with my Organic Chemistry class, I expected to learn a great deal. I have proved to myself that hard work really does pay off. When my supervisor and the other scientists are speaking of various topics related to chemistry, more importantly organic chemistry, I have been able to chime in on the conversation. I retained a lot more information than I realized. I have also been extremely great in asking multiple questions throughout the day. To me I feel as though I ask too many questions, but my supervisor says that my questions are completely relevant and that I have learned and know a great deal of information.

284450My supervisor has given me a few administrative tasks that needed to be completed in order to ensure that the laboratory is giving accurate data on their reports. There are administrative duties in any job and it is necessary to do a good job. I have had administrative jobs before, but having to do an administrative job in a laboratory, I feel, is more important. I had to test all of the balances to ensure they were giving accurate results. To most this may not seem important, but to a scientist it is extremely important to be completed carefully. The calculations after testing all of the balances are the most important because it will tell how accurate the balances are in reading the correct weight. As I do with anything else, I ensured that I completed the task carefully and as accurately as possible.

Throughout this internship, my motivation has improved because I am constantly asking my supervisor about the other concentrations of forensic science that they have available in Baltimore County. I want to be able to gain as much knowledge as possible within these few weeks of summer. In addition my communication skills are about the same because I am always asking questions if I don’t know something and that hasn’t changed in my internship. I have definitely flourished and grown throughout this internship and I have learned so much about toxicology, specifically drugs in a forensic science environment. The knowledge that I have gained has helped me make a more educated decision on the concentration of forensic science that I want as a career.

Be sure to check back next Tuesday afternoon to read more about Reika’s internship experience.



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