The Importance of Internships and Networking – Reika Haskell

This week Reika writes about how her internship has helped her discover what she does not want to do with her future, and in doing so has taught her the importance of networking and always asking questions.

As far as job responsibilities, I haven’t faced any challenges this summer during my internship. With the limited access I have, I haven’t completed any tasks. For the most part of my summer, I have been shadowing the scientist while they completing their tasks and cases.

284450On the other hand, I have faced personal challenges as far as the next step in my education and career. Getting a glimpse of the testing of drugs on a daily basis has allowed me to think deeper about what I really want to do with my forensic science degree. I am now looking to see what other aspects of forensic science I am interested in. In addition, I am also looking forward into the future to find more internships that will allow me to experience my interests. My internship has given me great insight as to what I don’t want to do and what I don’t enjoy. The challenge now is finding out what I do like and want to do. This challenge has allowed me to continue and strengthen my networking skills. I have seized all opportunities to speak with anyone who can lead me in the right direction. I have learned that it is always better to ask than not to ask. Someone may not have a direct connection, but they may know someone else who can help me. This challenge has allowed to me really think personally about myself and really determine my personal interest and try to fit them into my career.

My challenge this summer has me refocused on really finalizing my career goals. I know what is available to me, but I now have to decide which I would like. After internships, most people decide they chose the wrong career; I didn’t decide that. I know for sure that forensic science is where I want to be; I am not on the search to finalize my options. I have taken this experience and been able to rule out what I don’t want to do; the challenge ahead of me is now deciding what I do want to do. This invaluable lesson I have learned this summer is more than I could have hoped to gain and it is now making a new pathway for me to learn and explore other aspects of forensic science.

Be sure to check back next Tuesday afternoon to read more about Reika’s internship experience.



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