Reflecting on my Experience – Daniel Carrillo

This week Daniel writes a reflection on his internship experience, which has now come to an end. He highlights some of the best parts of his internship, and goes through some of the ways that this internship has influenced his future career plans.

Now that my internship has come to an end, I can definitely say that it was a great experience. I was able to witness new things I had never seen before. For example, I got to go to court and assist attorneys versus being a casual observer watching the case. I felt proud that without my help, attorneys would not be organized and have all their exhibit lists ready for court. I was able to use my Spanish speaking and writing skills in order to accomplish tasks such as being an interpreter or writing to a victim. Additionally, I got to go on prison tours, to visit the FBI and the Secret Service, and I learned that our courthouse is one of the oldest active federal courthouses in the United States. I also had the opportunity to meet new individuals and grow new friendships along the way.

US-DeptOfJustice-Seal.svgThis was a great summer. I learned that even though I was subjected to some types of work because of my lack of experience, it’s always a good thing to keep on searching for more work. With the help of communication, this was possible. I definitely feel that working in a federal job is something that would fit me because of the work environment. All the people are friendly and the pace depends on the type of person you are, but of course, like always, there are due dates for everything. I think that when I come back to UNH I will continue to use my reasoning and my head forward in the decisions I make. Next summer there is a great chance that I will do another internship, but if it wasn’t for the Bergami Family Summer Internship Program, it would have been a hard path to take. It was definitely worth it. Thank you again.

Be sure to check back next Tuesday morning to read more about Daniel’s internship experience!



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