A Comfortable Internship – Reika Haskell

This week Reika writes about how comfortable she felt throughout her internship this summer and how this internship with the Baltimore County Police Chemistry Laboratory has been a better experience than her past internship.

This summer I have experienced life working in a laboratory. I have gained a small dose of what my career life will be potentially. I have been able to explore toxicology, latent prints, and firearms. With one more week left, my supervisor is trying to get me on a ride along with an officer to experience something new outside of the laboratory. If I am able to go on the ride along next week then I can add it to the list of new and interesting things that I did this summer at my internship. I have been an intern before so it wasn’t much of an adjustment or new experience for me to adapt.

284450Throughout the summer, I have been completely in my comfort zone because this is what I live to do. I am going to school to potentially be working in the laboratory and I was able to get a small glimpse of what it will be. I enjoyed every day being in the laboratory. I never felt uncomfortable or out of my comfort zone because everything I was learning was pertinent to me and was interesting. In addition, I was able to contribute with the other scientists making the transition into being their intern quite easy. I believe that I was more comfortable with this internship than with my previous one because I was able to relate and connect with the other scientists with something that interests me. Although I wasn’t able to complete many activities or projects, I was able to hold conversations with them about various aspects of Forensic Science and Chemistry. My willingness to express myself and converse with them allowed me to gain knowledge that is and will be extremely helpful in my academics and my future career. Overall, I experienced new things while staying in my comfort zone throughout this summer internship.

Be sure to check back next Tuesday afternoon to read more about Reika’s internship experience.



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