Asking Questions and Job Shadowing – Melinda Phommalinh

This week Melinda writes about how helpful her internship experience at Bristol Hospital was and how much she has learned between shadowing a physicians assistant and asking other employees questions frequently.

I have learned so much about myself over the course of the two months that I have been at this internship. The one thing that I can successfully take away from this internship is that I am capable of being independent and opening my own doors and making connections that will help me in the future. I have worked in an environment surrounded by professionals and physicians and I really took the opportunity to grasp what the real life is like. I asked them about advice for graduate school, their opinions on going straight from undergraduate to graduate school and applying for jobs when I graduate. Many of them had great advice to offer that really helped.

Bristol_logo_NEWI have also learned that it is possible to teach yourself topics in which you have no prior background knowledge. In school, many students blame their professors for the reason they don’t understand a topic or why they are not getting good grades. This internship helped me realize that it helps a tremendous amount if I actually researched and read about the topics I wasn’t familiar with, rather than just rely on what I was lectured about in the classroom.

In addition, this internship motivated me even more than ever to achieve my ultimate career goal as a physician assistant. I was fortunate enough to shadow a PA a few days last week and I really got to see the broad spectrum of what the career entails. It consists of a lot more than patient consults and rounds. There is a lot of documentation of patient consults for legal aspects, as well as moral aspects. As a PA, they are really working in an overall team that requires constant communication. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly be able to communicate in the correct terms when speaking to another medical consultant about a patient. Fortunately, I have improved my communication skills while interning here. The PA I shadowed also gave me great advice about how to market myself as an applicant and how to obtain the best experience necessary to apply. Overall, I have learned that I really am capable of accomplishing anything if I plan the right pathway to get myself there.

Be sure to check back next Thursday morning to read more about Melinda’s internship experience!



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