Learning the Reality of Policing – Garrit Anderson

This week Garrit looks back over the span of his internship and discusses how his expectations were met and exceeded while interning with the Naugatuck Police Department. He also writes about how his perception of policing changed as a result of this internship.

Now that my internship is coming to an end, I can reflect on the experiences that I underwent and encountered. I definitely felt myself grow through the internship experience by learning how to work with everyone. Listening and communication were the biggest factors in policing. I found that listening and noticing small details solved problems quicker. I loved every minute of my internship and could not wait to go back the next day.  It felt extraordinary to apply subjects that I learned in class to the real world as well.

Police-badge2Originally I did not want to be a police officer because I have always felt that they do not connect with the public, and only write ticket violations. I realized I could not have been more wrong about that thought when I started my internship. The officers I shadowed could not stress enough the importance of honor and integrity in community policing. It felt awesome to see a town so connected to the police force. I have never seen this before going to Naugatuck. They have realized that building good community relations develops bonding. Therefore, the next time “Bob” sees his neighbor “Tim” selling heroin to little “Jimmy”, Bob will approach PL39, the officer he feels connected with, and tell his story to him. I find this very motivating and I would like to consider policing as a starting career.

This internship was a phenomenal opportunity for me and was a perfect fit. I am very good at communicating with people and I tend to win over their good side. I pay attention to every detail and I sucked up knowledge like a sponge. All the do’s and don’ts will surely help me in the future when I apply to be a police officer.

I plan to do another internship, hopefully with the FBI, NSA, or Secret Service. I have always wanted to be a Special Agent in the FBI and plan to continue my studies, and excel in Information Technology within Criminal Justice. I will apply for the FBI internship in a month when the application is released to the public.



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