Professionalism During Internships – Garrit Anderson

This week Garrit writes some advice on searching and getting an internship and writes about how important hard work and professionalism are during internships since one could lead to a future career!

The most important advice I can give to students about searching for an internship is to always be actively seeking an internship like it is a job opportunity. I obtained my internship by volunteering and attending events to connect with people. I happened to meet a detective from the Naugatuck Police Department and that is how I got my foot in the door and then got my internship.

Police-badge2It is important to treat the internship like a job or even act more professionally than you normally would because this could be your future career. Always “sell” yourself like you would sell any other product. Once an internship has been obtained I can say the best thing to do is be extremely outgoing and friendly with your fellow peers, and learn as much as you can because an internship can fly by really quickly.

Be sure to check back next Monday morning to read more about Garrit’s internship experience!



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