Setting Expectations When Starting an Internship – Maegan Moran

This week Maegan sums up her over all experience interning with the State of Vermont Department of Corrections, particularly highlighting the importance of setting expectations and how the location of an internship can drastically change the experience.

Although it is cheesy I would say the important thing to remember when starting an internship is it is what you make of it. My internship has been incredible; every day so far has been different. We see different people, we deal with different issues, and we have different things we must do on a day-to-day basis. And I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of this new, exciting experience and I am thankful I can experience every single day. Other people, however, might think that this internship would be the most boring thing they could do with their summer. It is important to remember that doing something you’ve never done before could be the best choice you ever made, and for me this is true.

logoAnother important thing is to not have too many expectations. I am not saying you should set low expectations, rather just set a couple and go in with a mindset that you are going to experience something new and since it is so new you can’t predict what you should necessarily expect. A common theme in most of my blogs throughout this summer has been about my expectations being exceeded greatly. This is in part due to the fact that this internship is so incredible but also because I never would have expected half of the things I get to do. I never set low expectations but I just never would have imagined setting an expectation that I would be talking with offenders, writing the supplementary documents for treatment and supervision, or spending as much time as we do out in the field.

An aspect that I didn’t consider when I started this internship was what it would be like working in my hometown. It is definitely an aspect others should consider, in some internship situations it may not matter if you are in your hometown or not. In my situation it was hard at times because I knew some of the offenders from growing up in the area, but what was harder was when I knew the victims. Would I do this internship again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would. It is still something to consider when searching for internships depending on what kind of internship you are looking for.  I ran into this situation because it is my hometown, but also because it is a small area and in rural Vermont everyone tends to know everyone else. If I lived in Boston, Massachusetts and I chose to work at their Corrections office I am sure I would know less offenders/victims because their department is so much bigger. I liked working in a smaller office and getting to know everyone who works there; it gave me insight into how other people think and operate and it has helped to increase my learning while interning with the Department.



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