Solidifying Future Career Goals – Melinda Phommalinh

This week Melinda writes about how overall, her internship experience at Bristol Hospital confirmed that she would much rather work in the clinical setting compared to the laboratory environment.

Overall, this internship experience has been so much more than I expected. I have learned so much about topics that I would never be covered in a classroom at UNH, as well as topics that further emphasize and expand upon what I have learned in the classroom. Even better, I was given a one on one lecture when I reviewed the slides with the pathologists, which enhanced my learning and allowed me to ask questions. For example, I reviewed blood smears and the different types of white blood cells and red blood cells. I also reviewed the different tissue biopsies obtained from different parts of the body and compared them to each other to note if it was normal or unusual. What I enjoyed most about the structure of this internship was that my supervisor made it a point for me to briefly cover all of the body systems, as well as allow me to focus on a topic that really interested me.

Bristol_logo_NEWDuring this internship I have also learned a lot about myself. I have mentally pushed myself to embrace everything that I have been taught, of which include the various instruments, techniques, procedures, documentation, and slide diagnosis in addition to researching topics on the internet and in the textbooks myself. I realized that it is not only important to learn what is on the test to get a passing grade, but it is also important to grasp the overall picture why certain procedures are performed.

All in all, after spending time in different departments around the hospital, including the laboratory, radiology, oncology, the operating room, and shadowing a few different medical staff members, I have realized that the laboratory setting is not a career I would like to settle down in. As I stated in my earlier posts, the laboratory performs many of the same procedures day in and day out. I would rather have a different schedule each day I go into work and not know what to expect. Therefore, this internship helped me confirm that I really enjoy being in a clinical setting and that is what I hope to pursue after I graduate. I am so thankful for this internship because I would have never had this experience with any other internship that was solely in a laboratory setting.



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