Summarizing my Experience – Reika Haskell

This week Reika writes about her overall experience interning with the Baltimore County Police Chemistry Laboratory.

Overall this summer my experience was outstanding. I gained more knowledge than I ever could have expected. I learned the ins and outs of testing drugs, the significance of the results of the tests, and the basics of Latent Prints and Firearms. Personally, I have realized the foundational knowledge that I have studied, learned, and gained from my academics. Although I did enjoy my experience this summer and learned a lot, I don’t plan to go into a career in toxicology. This experience has given me an insight on drugs aspects of toxicology and I can now cross that off my list of interests. I am now turning to other aspects of Forensic Science such as Arson, Trace Evidence, etc. I am even thinking about Medical Examination. This experience and realization didn’t close doors for me, but instead opened my eyes to other options that are available to me. Outside of testing drugs, I know that I am in the right field. Forensics is the place for me to be!

284450All of the various tests that I witnessed can’t really be taken back with me to the classroom because I don’t believe we are given the ability to test drugs. However, I can take back the significance of the results from those tests. Understanding the results and what they mean is a huge part of being a Forensic Scientist. The knowledge that I have gained about the results and procedures of the various tests can be applied to any category of Forensic Science. I do plan to complete at least 2 more internships in the lab again. I want to expose myself to as much as possible before I graduate in 2 years. The more exposure I get now the better it will be for me to make career decisions.  Overall, my internship has been extremely successful in helping me make career and educational decisions.




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