The End of My Internship at Dolphin Cove – Alexandra Bakerman

This week Alexandra reflects on her internship and how it has influenced her choice to do a research project at Mystic Aquarium during her senior year and how she hopes to have a job rather than another internship in the near future!

This summer at Dolphin Cove has been the best summer by far. I learned so much about dolphins, my career path, and myself. I can now confidently finish my last year of school, with the plan to apply for jobs during this next year. This is without a doubt the right fit for me. I have known that I wanted to work  with dolphins since I was a child. However, I never truly knew what that entailed until this summer. It is so important to realize that trainers do not just swim with dolphins every day. They are responsible for the health and well-being of the dolphins as well. There is so much behind the scenes work that I never knew existed. The internship program at Dolphin Cove is a great overall program, so I got to experience this behind the scenes work as well.

dolphin coveI am thankful that I am a Psychology minor, because there is so much psychology that goes into training. I am interested in taking more psychology classes, to expand my knowledge of behavior and cognition. I believe this will help me in the future. I am also taking a senior project class this semester, where I will complete a research project. One activity from Dolphin Cove that I loved was enrichment. Different toys are used as enrichment for the dolphins, to stimulate their minds. Since helping with enrichment sessions, I have decided to do my project on enrichment with beluga whales at the Mystic Aquarium. I do not plan on applying to any more internships during the school year, since I will be focusing on this project. I hope to have a job after graduation, so I do not plan on completing any more internships then either. I certainly hope that the experience I have gained will put me in a good place to be hired! I am so thankful for the staff at Dolphin Cove for giving me the experience of a lifetime!

Be sure to check back next Monday afternoon to read more about Alexandra’s internship experience!



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