Far From Home, Cold And The Happiest I Have Ever Been, I Am Craig Johnson, Grad Student

Hello! My name is Craig and I just drove all the way across the country from California to Connecticut. “Why would you leave California?” has been my response from every human being I have made contact with so far. “To get my masters done” and I am sticking to it.

Being 27 and working towards being a fire chief, sometimes you got to leave the constant 75 degree weather… even during Thanksgiving and Christmas, sunsets on the beach, happy hour with friends, tasty Mexican food, lack of heavy coats constantly, the feeling of having the top down cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, San Jose’s high tech options, San Francisco and the Golden Gate being a short drive away, clam chowder bread bowls, San Francisco 49er games, San Jose Sharks Hockey… ok ok moving on. We all have our memories of home, leave them there for now.

But like any new opportunity is a great chance for change and experience. Getting into UNH would have never allowed me to drive across the country and see it with my own two pearly whites. BUCKET LIST CHECK!  I would have never stood centered in Time Square taking in the lights and the energy, eating a McDonalds cheese burger, people watching. Eating the best pizza in the world in New Haven proved my inner fat kid still lived which I could have never done in Cali. My love for the fire department found me as my teacher told me to get an application for his department where I am currently running calls for. And I could have never pictured the friendships that I have created in just the first Trimester alone.

The truth is as much as is up to us to change our future, it is up to us to find what we love amongst our new surroundings. Home will always be there, but the unforgettable memories come with the chances you take far far away from it. Like the main character in Coyote Ugly and stuff.

Grad Student to Grad Student you are not alone! There are about 1500 of us here looking to do two things which are STUDY and DO THINGS THAT ALLOW US TO PUT PICTURES ON OUR FACEBOOKS! Well young people get what I mean… Unforgettable experiences!

Welcome to New Haven, you’ll never forget it.



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